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MetaStock Data
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MetaStock Data
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Daily & Intraday Metastock Data

Athens Exchange Data *
Daily & Intraday 5min

International Exchange Stocks & Indices *
Intraday 5min: DAX, CAC40, SPX, NDX, DJI & COMPX

Forex, Gold, Oil
Daily & Intraday 5min

* Greek data  updated after 17:40 * international exchanges are updated  in the morning the next day * Forex also in the morning, with data until the update time

Corrections & Changes

  15/10/2023 - ΕΛΧΑ, ΠΡΕΜΙΑ, ΑΔΑΚ, ΠΡΟΝΤΕΑ, ΡΕΒΟΙΛ - κατεβάστε το αρχείο: extra_ase.txt



Note: All previous historical corrections, changes, splits , etc. that have been embedded in the historical data will be deleted from this list.


Historical Data



    File name Metastock
  Athens Stocks (daily) .exe .zip 11/09/2023
  Athens All (intraday) .exe .zip 11/09/2023
  Greek Futures intra .exe .zip 17/11/2023
  Cyprus Stocks (daily) .exe .zip 11/09/2023
  International Indexes (daily) .exe .zip 11/09/2023
  International Indexes (intraday) .exe .zip 11/09/2023
  USA Stocks (daily) .exe .zip 11/09/2023
  Forex, Oil, Brent, Gold (daily) .exe .zip 11/09/2023
  Forex, Oil, Brent, Gold (intra) .exe .zip 17/11/2023

  From the Ascii Text column, you can download compressed historical data ( .zip) in (.txt) format


The historical data 
 Metastock Format are in compressed executable format and after you unzip them they will create the folder C:\Data_4trader on your computer, there it will have the folders with the files in Metastock format. In these folders for daily updating you will embed the corresponding txt files

For the correct installation of the historical data when they are in metastock format, we have to delete our old folder and then unzip the newer historical file.




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